Pumps and valves for industrial cleaning

Tyco Valves & Controls, a business unit of Tyco Engineered Products & Services, has installed all-stainless steel Hovap HP pumps and Tyco ball valves at JohnsonDiversey’s new industrial cleaning products manufacturing facility in Enschede, the Netherlands. JohnsonDiversey required a range of process equipment to control the transfer of abrasive crystallising ingredients and semi-finished products to and from reactor vessels during the production process. These ingredients include potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, which are used to produce disinfectants and cleaning agents. The durability, high quality construction and reliability of the Tyco ball valves and pumps make them particularly suitable for this type of application. Although primarily designed for hygiene-critical applications, the use of Hovap HP Pumps in a chemical installation underlines the versatile nature of the equipment. The chemical ingredients are pumped by the Hovap HP pumps from storage tanks through transfer pipelines to a chemical reactor. Each pipeline culminates in a “header” box that sits on top of a 10m3 reactor vessel. Inside the “header” box there are a series of Tyco ball valves. These are linked to Tyco PremiAir actuators which control the dosing of each ingredient into the reactor. The cleaning agent produced is then pumped away into buffer tanks. Due to the abrasive nature of some of the crystallising ingredients, Tyco needed to incorporate quench seals and thermosyphons on some of the pumps to maintain a lubrication film on the seal faces, and prevent contact with atmosphere. The ball valves are equipped with PTFE rings to ensure a proper sealing and a long life cycle. Each pump is provided with Tyco mechanical seals, series A1- with seal faces of SIC/SIC/EPDM quality to ensure no leakage and durability. All equipment delivered to JohnsonDiversey was supplied in AISI 316 stainless steel quality as standard. All ball valves supplied by Tyco had the same dimensions as other valves in operation at the plant, so they would be easily interchangeable. Tyco’s Hovap HP centrifugal pumps are specifically designed for continuous operation on thin liquids with a viscosity of up to 500 m Pa.s. The highly efficient and cost effective pump range is designed according to EHEDG recommendations for use in hygiene-critical applications such as milk and cheese production or brewing. The units require minimal maintenance and are CIP-cleanable. Tyco’s heavy duty F180 three piece, full bore ball valves have an ISO 5211 top mounting plate, and are suitable for pressure ratings up to PN40. PremiAir actuators conform to EN ISO 5211, and provide completely reliable and economical powered operation for all types of quarter turn valves.

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