Foster Wheeler gets NZ contract

Foster Wheeler Ltd has received a contract for the first phase of the modification of New Zealand Refining Co.’s refinery to comply with that country’s clean-fuels legislation.
The company said the two-stage project has an investment value of more than USD 75 million. A Foster Wheeler spokesman said the company will bid on the second-phase pact, which constitutes a “considerable” portion of the project’s total value. In the first phase, Foster Wheeler’s Thailand office will help the refinery develop a master plan for new processing units for hydro-desulphurisation, benzene removal and hydrogen separation, as well as for the revamping of existing facilities. Start-up of the new facility is set for mid-2005. Foster Wheeler expects the second-phase contract, covering the engineering, procurement and construction phase of the project, to be awarded later this year. New Zealand’s clean-fuels legislation requires reduced sulphur levels in automotive diesel fuel, and reduced benzene, sulphur and aromatics content in motor gasoline by 2006.

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