Fugitive emission approval for control valves

Metso Automation is the first valve manufacturer to have obtained fugitive emission type approval for its control valves in accordance with Shell’s MESC SPE 77/312 specification, revision 26-11-2002. Meeting these MESC SPE 77/312 fugitive emission tests is only a part of the continuing total fugitive emissions / environmental strategy pursued by Metso. Other key elements of the strategy are ISO 15848 and the new TA-Luft type approvals. The type approval tests were carried out at Metso Automation’s research laboratory in Helsinki during the spring of 2004. The following Metso control valves passed the MESC SPE 77/312 type approval test criteria: RE-series segment rotary control valves; FINETROL eccentric rotary plug control valves; L6-series triple eccentric rotary control butterfly valves. Shell-GSI has stated that all valves delivered to hydrocarbon processes in Shell plants worldwide must now have type approval in accordance with their MESC SPE 77/312 specification. For instance, MESC SPE 77/312 approval is mandatory at the Shell CSPC Nanhai project where Metso Automation has delivered hundreds of valves.

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