Valve actuation for Colorado Springs

Rotork IQT intelligent electric valve actuators have been installed at the Colorado Springs Utilities’ Ute Pass water treatment plant located in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, to secure improved reliability on the filtration equipment. Colorado Springs Utilities provides natural gas, electricity, water and wastewater to the Pikes Peak region in Colorado. The Ute Pass WTP, one of the six water treatment plants operated by the Utilities, is a 2MGD (million gallons a day) packaged plant, now consisting of four filters. The plant was originally commissioned in 1987 and a capacity increase from 1 to 2 MGD was completed in the summer of 2003. From the initial operation of the enlarged plant Utilities personnel were dissatisfied with the reliability of the incumbent valve actuators
when compared with the performance of Rotork’s IQ/IQT non-intrusive intelligent technology at several installations in other plants. Through their outside engineering consultant they requested a quotation from Municipal Treatment Equipment (MTE), Rotork’s municipal sales agent in Denver, for replacement IQT actuators. MTE handled sizing and Rotork arranged a special delivery, resulting in orders for four IQT250 and twenty IQT125 units to fit butterfly valves in sizes ranging from 3″ to 8″.

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