Gear actuators with multiple options

The Acro-Gear ASB series bevel gear actuators are available from Acrodyne – Designed specifically for heavy duty gate, globe and sluice gate valve operation.

The ASB series of bevel gearboxes are available in a large variety of sizes and configurations capable of driving a range of valves with operating torques ranging from just 220Nm all the way up to 42,000Nm. For additional versatility, the ASB series can be assembled with either ‘No-Lost-Motion’ or ‘Lost Motion’ output drive arrangements which provide a gap between the bevel gear and the drive sleeve enabling a momentary impact to assist with unseating sticky valves. The no-lost motion configuration is preferred for electric actuators having positioning control capability, whereas the lost motion is ideal for unseating valves via manual operation and for electric actuators operating wedge gates and globe valves.

Also available with a twin shaft option, providing two input shafts, primary and secondary. Low speeds occur at the secondary input and provide maximum mechanical advantage for seating and unseating of valves. High speeds occur at the primary valve and allow for less turns after the valve has been un-seated.

Acro-Gears bevel gearboxes are designed to suit almost any application requiring a rugged, multi-turn box capable of being operated via manual handwheel or electric actuator alike.

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