Greene Tweed introduces Chemraz® 541

Greene Tweed, a global manufacturer of high-performance sealing solutions and engineered components, announces the introduction of Chemraz® 541, a universal-purpose, high-strength FFKM black compound engineered for reliability in demanding environments and applications such as those found in the semiconductor industry.

Boasting superior strength and good compression set resistance, Chemraz® 541 is ideal for demanding applications. Additionally, it offers remarkable chemical resistance, particularly in the presence of acids, amines, aromatics, distilled water, and steam. Chemraz® 541 can operate at low temperatures of 3°F /-16°C and maximum temperatures up to 446°F /230°C.

Chemraz® 541 is a great choice for applications requiring higher loads and offers better performance due to its excellent tensile strength and modulus. Moreover, its low outgassing values reduce the risk of deposits on sensitive surfaces, while its high elongation values ensure easy installation of o-rings. For semiconductor applications, Chemraz® 541 reduces outgassing for 14 nm and smaller, which helps to reduce the risk of pump down time and minimize process impact.

Chemraz® 541 is suitable for mechanical seals, compressors, valves, and mixers/agitators, centrifuges, analytical instruments, reactors, and pumps commonly found in processing industries. Chemraz® 541 is readily available as o-rings, including large-diameter o-rings, and slabs. Custom geometry is available upon request.

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