Curtiss-Wright announces new Exlar Tritex EVA

Curtiss-Wright’s Exlar Actuation Division has announced that its new Tritex EVA electric valve actuator has achieved CSA Class 1, Division 2 (C1D2) Hazardous Location certification. It also outperformed American Oil & Gas producers’ expectations for rugged field test operations in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The Tritex EVA answers the demand for an efficient, high-speed solution while meeting the Methane Emissions Reduction Program and Quad-O zero-emissions regulations in the Oil & Gas Industry.

The Tritex EVA is environmentally friendly and efficient with a powerful, compact system integrating a servo drive, motor, and roller screw actuator to achieve extreme life, speed, and accuracy. Combining the simplified actuation system with Modbus RTU communications enables producers to have remote operation and monitoring – all with less components when compared with pneumatic systems.

The electric Tritex EVA has been under field test throughout 2023. The field trial units remain successfully in service, proving the ruggedness of this new technology.

Curtiss-Wright Exlar first introduced its Tritex EVA to the public in October 2023 at the Oklahoma Oil & Gas Expo and the Permian Basin International Oil Show. Since then, this groundbreaking product has been in high demand by Oil & Gas producers nationwide. Curtiss-Wright manufacturers the Tritex EVA at its manufacturing facility in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and sells it directly to producers as well as through key partners who are experts in the Oil & Gas Industry.

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