Groth Corporation releases pilot operated relief valve

The Groth Model 16F pilot operated relief valve offers reliable low-pressure protection in compliance with API 2000 standards for pilot operated relief valves. Its design prevents fugitive emissions and conserves stored products.
“With a rated flow at 10% overpressure, it enables operation closer to the tank MAWP, expanding the process operating range and reducing the requirement for excessive overpressure,” says Trey Rothenberger, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at Groth Corporation. “This product assists in minimizing product loss, lowering emissions, and ultimately enhancing economic returns.”
The Model 16F pilot operated relief valve employs an optional film seat-sealing technology for superior sealing and offers flexibility in terms of snap or modulating action.
The features include: Main valve remains tight to set pressure; Full open at 10% overpressure; Modulating action conserves product since valve opening is proportional to overpressure; Noise is reduced since the valve only opens fully when required; Soft seats seal tight to conserve product and minimize valve wear which improves reliability; High flow rates which minimize pressure drop during relief events; and Valve suited for cryogenic applications.

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