Heap & Partners manufactures valves for major platform

Heap & Partners proudly announces a significant manufacturing project for Serica Energy’s 2023 maintenance Turnaround for the Bruce Platform.

16-inch Phase Trunnion Ball valve, Heaps’ largest Phase valve to date, has been commissioned to extend the field life of the platform.

The company is further advancing its Phase range with up to 24-inch versions.

HEAP & PARTNERS, a leading manufacturer in precision and valve engineering, has announced a major manufacturing project for Serica Energy’s 2023 planned maintenance Turnaround (TAR) on its Bruce facilities in the North Sea.

Serica is the UK’s leading mid-tier independent oil and gas companies and operates the Bruce platform, which is responsible for processing about 5% of the UK’s gas production.

The introduction of the 16-inch Serica Valve marks a significant milestone standing as the largest Phase valve produced by Heaps to date, weighing just under four tonnes.

In a highly competitive landscape, Heaps secured the contract and designed and manufactured twelve Phase Trunnion Ball valves, several being actuated packages for emergency shutdown duty, tailored for deployment on the Bruce platform located 340km northeast of Aberdeen, Scotland; showcasing its prowess in delivering high-performance solutions while meeting demanding lead times for offshore applications.

Manufactured under a stringent timeline to meet the requirements of the Turnaround schedule, the valves were proudly made in the UK, adhering to the highest standards of quality and precision—a hallmark of all Heaps products.

Heaps is not resting on its laurels, as the company is already in the advanced stages of designing an 18-inch and 24-inch version, expanding the Phase range to cater to diverse industry needs.

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