W&O Supply & BROEN Clorius Controls partner

The new product complements W&O Supply’s position to ensure the existing fleet can improve systems efficiency as part of shipping’s efforts to decarbonize.

W&O Supply and BROEN Clorius Controls have announced a partnership on optimization projects related to energy savings and CO2 emission reductions within the marine segment. This means that W&O Supply will add low-leakage valves to its portfolio of marine valves, actuated valves, pipes, and engineered solutions. The low-leakage valve will help vessel owners and operators in the international maritime industry to reduce their carbon emissions.

The new product is an ultra-low leak three-way valve especially designed for HT-systems on 2-stroke main engines. It increases system efficiency, helping save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

Compared to most valves, which have a typical leakage of 2% or more, the new valve offered by W&O Supply has a leakage rate of less than 0.01%. The valve controls the temperature in the HT-system of the main engine, which must be kept warm when not sailing and needs to be kept cool during normal operations

The Clorius low-leakage valve from W&O Supply, with its compact design, offers easy, time efficient replacements. The valve can be used on vessels to replace larger-sized, existing valves. Retrofit and replacement can be done without the need to modify existing pipe work. Valve replacements can also be done in locations at ports, without the need to dry-dock vessels.

Lower replacement costs create value for valve customers who can also futureproof their assets while saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

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