HOERBIGER enhances electrohydraulic valve actuator

HOERBIGER launched enhanced electrohydraulic valve actuator TriVAX as well as the TriVAX flex at the 2014 Valve World. The improved intelligent electrohydraulic TriVAX and TriVAX flex valve actuators are as easy to install and handle as an all-electric drive unit, yet are as powerful, robust and durable as an entirely hydraulic actuator. The intelligent electronics ensure simple and intuitive operation. The integrated compact design makes it possible to combine the advantages of three worlds of technology. TriVAX replaces conventional valve control units, which may not yet feature safety functions such as quick action or explosion protection and do not comply with the latest standards.

In addition to direct operation using the integrated electronics of the TriVAX unit featuring an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI), the valve can also be actuated via a remote control console. Thanks to integrated interfaces to standard field buses (in preparation: Profibus PA, HART, Foundation Fieldbus), TriVAX can also be incorporated into existing automation concepts. With its flameproof encapsulated housing, the HOERBIGER TriVAX valve actuator also ensures safe operation in areas that are prone to explosions. This makes the TriVAX valve actuator suitable for demanding applications in power plants and in systems of the natural gas, oil and chemicals industries.

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