HVC awarded valve order

Shumate Industries has announced that its Hemiwedge Valve Corp. (HVC) subsidiary has been awarded an order for USD 200,000 from MPO, an oilfield services company based in SE Asia, for delivery by April 2009. The Company stated that the order’s sizes range up to 6in bore size with various pressure classes up to ANSI 900 Class. The Hemiwedge® Cartridge valve product line will be utilized for drilling applications in the Pacific Rim area. The Company’s current product line is 2in size through 12in (with custom sizes up to 20in) and pressure classes from ANSI 150 through 1500 class and API 6D monogrammed applications. Multiple internal trim packages are available including metal-to-metal seals for high temperature or severe service applications with timely deliveries. The Hemiwedge® Cartridge valve incorporates the positive features of ball, gate, plug and high performance valves resulting in a mechanically sealing, tight shutoff valve. The proprietary Cartridge technology encases all the internals of the valve within the Cartridge and allows in-line replacements, significantly reducing down-time and supply disruption, especially in higher maintenance service applications containing entrained solids such as line scale, sand, and debris.
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