Cryogenic ball valve orders

Valbart Srl has received large orders for its cryogenic ball valves in 2008. Supplied both in the split body and top entry design, the valves are suitable for temperatures down to -196C, which is the liquefaction temperature of Nitrogen. Valbart Srl cryogenic valves may be used in many other processes involving cryogenic fluids, or exposure to extreme low-temperature condition from -50C to -196C. Main applications include LNG plants (liquefaction, loading, unloading, storage, re-gasification) and various downstream processes (such as, but not limited to, ethylene production). The available sizes are up to 56in class 600# and 30in class 2500#, bi-directional (std) or uni-directional (upon request) design. All the valves are Automatic Cavity Relief. The Valbart bi-directional design has been tested and qualified to relief automatically, to avoid any possible operational issue. When required, uni-directional valves can be supplied, featuring an “equalizing hole” in the ball, in order to avoid any possible body cavity pressure built-up. All the valves are also equipped with a generous internal vapour space that provides thermal isolation from LNG inside body cavity and dynamic stem seal. All of Valbart Srl cryogenic ball valves are made of Austenitic stainless steel.
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