Hygienic control valves

Samson Regeltechniek BV, The Netherlands, has developed control valves designed to meet high demands of hygiene in the food industry and capable of operating in the germ-free, sterile environments of pharmaceutical industries: the 3347 type hygienic valve and the 3249 type sterile valve. Both the valve materials as well as their construction comply with FDA and EHEDG directives, as established by the TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research).
Angular in design with no “dead” spaces and a nominal width of DN 15 to DN 125, the casing is self-emptying, thus preventing the formation of germs. The medium only comes into contact with parts made of corrosion-resistant, polished stainless steel and synthetics permissible for use in this industry.
The tri-clamp connection between the upper part and valve casing simplifies the cleaning of the gasket and valve stem following the CIP procedure (cleaning in place). A specially designed plastic seal prevents germs from being carried along during the feed through of the driving rod. A steam lock can also be used in the event that stricter cleaning standards are required.

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