IMI CCI Switzerland gains certification

IMI CCI Switzerland has received the certification for its new generation of DRE, ARS and MSV turbine bypass valves. A new generation of the valves has been developed to meet new market requirements for valves that can withstand temperatures >630°C. The Swiss team also built in further improvements to improve field experience and increase efficiency, including an increase in flow capacity of 20%. This has been tested on a flow test bench and witnessed by a third party agency (Tüv).

In addition to the new generation of valves, a new hydraulic actuator, ASM-E, and a new safety control cabinet have gained the certification acc. EN 4126-5 for Controlled safety pressure relief system which is used to protect boilers acc. EN 12952. This means these products can be used in coal-fired supercritical power plants, gas-fired combined cycle plants and also in any other turbine bypass applications, with and without safety function acc. EN 12952. The first of the new generation DRE valves are already in use in projects like the Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Power Plant (China) or the Gangneung Anin USC Thermal Power Plant (Korea).

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