IPSCO expands international organisation

Acquisition by the international Flowserve Corporation has added a broad spectrum of new opportunities to IPSCO (UK) Ltd, the Scunthorpe-based company which specialises in hot-tapping and line-stopping equipment. The company specialises in problem-solving in the pressure piping field, keeping systems on-stream during maintenance, retrofitting, modifications, emergencies and new-build projects. They offer a full 24-hour, 365-day service to a wide range of industry including oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical and steel companies, together with utilities, water/wastewater plants and general engineering organisations.
IPSCO believes the industries it served will benefit from the company’s expanded possibilities. Hot/wet tapping from ½” to 60” and linestops up to 60” on steel, cast, ductile, concrete, asbestos-cement and synthetic materials are all within the scope of the company’s portfolio. This includes equipment for both subsea and platform based offshore oil and gas operations, and covering pressures up to 1480psi and temperature of 200 degrees F.
The production of equipment and consumables complement the company mix of business for the supply of drilling machines, repair-clamps, both low- and high-pressure line-stopping equipment, together with split-tees for hottaps as well as for line-stops, including the company’s closure-flange design.

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