Trip Throttle Valve

Gimpel, a product of Tyco Valves & Controls, has introduced its Oil Operated Trip Throttle Valve (OOTTV), used for admitting 1050F/566C steam to main compressor steam turbine drives when bringing ethylene or ammonia plants online. The other primary function is to act as an emergency closing valve, tripping shut in less than 0.3 seconds upon loss of oil pressure. The valve is designed so that it cannot be opened, once tripped, without safe oil pressure existing in the oil system. The Gimpel hydraulic actuator and trip relay design provides on-line exercise (partial stroking) capability that demonstrates freedom of movement of tripping components without affecting steam flow. Increasing process plant automation requirements have also lead Gimpel to provide new hydraulic actuators with 4-20 mA input and LVDT position feedback for precise, remote valve control.

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