Iranian company produces 32 gate valves

“We are a manufacturer of all kinds of valves needed by the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. The latest achievement of our company has been the production of as many as 32 units of 20-inch gate valves of class 2,500 which have been used in the development plan of Isfahan Oil Refinery. The achievement is considered as one of the largest valve-production projects of the oil companies in Iran,” Massoud Jalali, a representative of the knowledge-based company, said.

Noting that valves are produced by using the open mold forging method due to the type of their structure, he said, “Open mold forging is a hot forming process in which metal is formed by hammering and pressing between flat or simple molds.”

“Gate valves are installed at the outlet of the distillery tower and are used to cut off and connect the flow. Also, the operation of these devices takes place at a temperature of 400 degrees (Fahrenheit) and 250 (Bar) of pressure; therefore, we should use heat-resistant materials in its construction,” Jalali said.

He explained that stainless steel materials should be used in metallurgy, saying, “This material is one of the most basic elements of gate valves and makes the valves resistant to heat.”

Earlier in March, Iranian researchers at a technological company had also managed to make a special valve that boosts efficiency in the oil transmission industry by decreasing waste of fluids and increasing the speed of closing the valves up to 5 times.

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