Jimmy Walker is new VP Service at MOGAS

MOGAS Industries, Inc. (MOGAS) has appointed Jimmy Walker as VP Service. In this role, Mr. Walker will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of programs and services that ensure MOGAS valve repairs and technicians are best in class. This includes improving valve performance by analyzing underperforming valves and gathering application / unit / process information through site visits.
Mr. Walker’s affiliation with MOGAS goes back nearly 30 years when he was a coating technician, and eventual general manager, for thermal spray specialists F.W. Gartner. In late 2015, Mr. Walker left that company to contract with MOGAS’ international offices as a global business and technology consultant. More recently, Mr. Walker joined MOGAS Houston full time as coatings GM to develop this business entity.
Kevin Engel, former MOGAS VP Service, will work with Mr. Walker to ensure a smooth transition.
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