Ringo Válvulas supplies desuperheater units

Ringo Válvulas has recently manufactured and supplied three complete units of desuperheaters for turbine bypass through Samson Holland to KH Energy for BEC (Biomassa Energie Centrale) in The Netherlands.
The steam- water circuit of the biomass power plant have the same requirements as per a conventional or nuclear power plant steam-water circuit. It includes the requirement of steam cooling and pressure reduction in the turbine bypass line, which is achieved by means of the combination of steam reducing valve, water injection valve and desuperheater units.
Ringo Válvulas developed the complete solution, which offers benefits such as a compact and robust design, flanged solution combined with cage guided control valve that enables easy maintenance, and PILOT trim that allows balance plug for high temperature. Desuperheater unit with venture design helps ensure that velocity of steam is enough to avoid water particles impact in the outlet pipe surface.
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