Kitz launches package unit hydrogen station business

Kitz Corporation announced that it has decided to launch the packaging unit hydrogen station business and will begin sales and installation as follows. 
In July 2012, Kitz entered the hydrogen station valves market, which supplies hydrogen gas as fuel to fuel cell vehicles. In particular, the performance of ultra-high-pressure ball valves for hydrogen stations developed with low-pressure loss, excellent sealing performance and durability has been highly appreciated. As of the end of January 2020, most of the 112 commercial hydrogen stations in operation in Japan had adopted them.
METI’s roadmap calls for the installation of 160 hydrogen stations in 2020, 320 in 2025, and 900 in 2030, and further market expansion is expected in the future. Under such circumstances, Kitz constructed a hydrogen station using a small package unit at Nagasaka Plant as an in-house facility in Yamanashi Prefecture in March 2018, and have been carrying out a demonstration of its operation and accumulating technology for approximately two years.
Based on the results of these efforts, Kitz decided to launch a packaged unit type hydrogen station business and developed its package unit, which consolidates the main equipment required for hydrogen stations. Kitz will start the sales and installation of the product in April 2020.
The sales of this product will be undertaken by Kitz Engineering Service, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and Chiyoda Security Service, a cooperating company.
Kitz will propose package units that are compact, highly functional, excellent reliability, and short delivery times to the market, and contribute to the development of hydrogen infrastructure and the dissemination of hydrogen energy, the ultimate clean energy source. At the same time, Kitz will broadly demonstrate the high performance and superiority of its ball valves, which will lead to further growth in earnings.
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