Klinger Schöneberg develops the INTEC Duoball valve

The INTEC Duoball revolutionizes valve technology by streamlining interfaces and expanding shut-off capabilities within the same compact body as a standard valve. This innovative ball valve is equipped with options for monitoring, relief, purging, and secondary pipework connections, offering enhanced functionality for various industries, particularly those with rigorous process conditions.

Valves play a critical role in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceuticals, where they control the mass flow of liquids or gases and ensure reliable shut-off of pipeline sections, contributing significantly to plant safety protocols. As essential components of safety systems, valves must adhere to stringent safety standards.

To meet evolving industry demands, existing systems are undergoing upgrades with durable shut-off solutions that provide added safety functions while seamlessly replacing outdated valves with minimal installation effort. The modernization efforts focus on preserving or enhancing system value, optimizing operational procedures, and prioritizing safety-related processes. These measures encompass operational and process management, optimization, and maintenance practices aimed at achieving an optimal balance between maintenance costs and plant upgrades.

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