KLINGER supplies valves for a large sewer project

Almost 50% of the population in Argentina has no sewage service. KLINGER Argentina supplied large diameter valves to support the National Water Plan. 
KLINGER Argentina delivered large diameter valves for an important sanitation project in William Morris, a town in the Greater Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area. Due to pandemic regulations, testing of the valves had to be done in a rather unconventional way.
Improving the country’s water and sewage system is a continuous task in Argentina. One recent project is the William Morris sewage pumping station. It is expected to connect another 2,086 homes to the sewage system and, once finished, will be the largest plant in the west zone of Buenos Aires. The project involved a large quantity of pipes, pumps, and valves of which KLINGER Argentina, through its Water & Sewage division, last year supplied several large diameter valves, many of them automated.
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