Largest natural gas reservoir uses MSA valves

MSA, a.s. won tender to supply valves to RWE Gas Storage, s.r.o. – the biggest operator of natural gas storages in the Czech Republic.

“We will supply 30 pieces of ball valves in above ground design in nominal size 3″, Class 900. The valves will be equipped with Niwatec pneumatic actuators. Total value of this order is more than 5,2 million CZK. The valves are designed for the underground natural gas reservoir in Dolní Dunajovice, which is the largest in the Czech Republic,” Mr. Jiří Václavík, sales manager for Czech and Slovak market, comments on the order.

Service of the reservoir in Dolní Dunajovice started in 1989. Discovery of rich natural gas resources were found during bore tests in 1973 approximately 1 km above surface. The function of every reservoir is natural gas storage and distribution to consumers and securing season inequalities in demand or in case of supply interruption.
“The Czech market has been the third biggest trade outlet in the last 10 years, during which we supplied valves with a total value of more than 1,1 billion CZK. RWE Gas Storage, s.r.o. is a significant customer on the Czech market. The company was established on May 2007 by separation from the company RWE Transgas, a.s., which cooperates with our company for decades.” sums up sales director of MSA, Mr. Roman Baláž.
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