LESER dual outlet pilot-operated safety valve

The introduction of the Dual Outlet POSV marks a significant advancement in expanding the LESER lineup of pilot-operated safety valves (POSV).

When a safety valve is activated, the force of the escaping media propels the valve in the opposite direction of the outlet, known as reaction power. This force is carefully calculated during the valve sizing process, such as following guidelines outlined in the API 520-2 or AD 2000 datasheet. Generally, higher mass flow rates and larger surfaces result in greater reaction power. To prevent potential damage caused by this force transferring through the connected pipeline, it must be absorbed by robust steel structures and foundations.

The innovative Dual Outlet POSV from LESER offers a clever solution to this challenge, eliminating the need for complex support structures. By featuring two opposing outlets that evenly distribute the flow, the resulting reaction powers on each side counterbalance one another effectively.

This valve type finds particular utility in compressor stations along natural gas pipelines. Unlike larger industrial plants, these stations lack nearby structures capable of absorbing the reaction power.

The safety valves employed are designed with nominal sizes up to NPS 8 x 10 x 10 and set pressures reaching up to 100 bar-g. As per API 520-2 standards, the reaction power generated by a single-outlet POSV in such applications can reach heights of up to 370 kN.

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