Tenneco introduces advanced add-on valve technology

Tenneco, a renowned global provider of automotive solutions, has expanded its Monroe® OE Solutions passive valving portfolio with the introduction of an advanced stroke dependent damping (SDD) add-on valve, known as the Monroe RideRefine™ SDD valve. This cutting-edge technology is designed to work seamlessly with Monroe OE Solutions main valve technologies, aiming to deliver unparalleled comfort and control attributes.

The Monroe RideRefine™ SDD valve offers a significant enhancement in comfort through stroke dependent damping, which effectively reduces damping levels during short strokes of the unit’s internal piston. By directing oil into the RideRefine SDD valve, a bypass enables separate and tunable damping of small strokes, resulting in minimized noise, vibration, and harshness. Following the short piston stroke, the damper’s main valve resumes normal operation.

One of the key features of the new SDD valve is its tunability, empowering vehicle manufacturers to tailor the comfort profile for short piston strokes according to the specific requirements of each vehicle model.

Romain Nollet, Group Vice President and General Manager of Monroe Ride Solutions, expressed, “The RideRefine SDD valve introduces unprecedented levels of versatility, tunability, and comfort to passive damper performance. Stroke dependent damping ensures effective filtration of minor road inputs, offering a luxurious and plush ride experience on highways and smoother roads.”

As a leading global supplier of passive and electronic damping technologies for original equipment (OE) and aftermarket applications, Tenneco continues to drive innovation in the automotive industry, enhancing ride quality and driving dynamics for vehicles across various segments.

The introduction of the Monroe RideRefine™ SDD valve underscores Tenneco’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of automotive manufacturers and customers worldwide. With its ability to enhance comfort and control characteristics, this innovative technology sets a new standard for passive damping performance, further solidifying Tenneco’s position as a leader in automotive engineering and technology.

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