Linear actuators enable automated maintenance

INMOCO’s Diakont DA series linear actuators are ideal for space-restricted applications, while the integral servo motor makes installation a single step process. These actuators can be mounted through flange mounting, using a rear clevis pin, extended tie rods and trunnion mounting.

In the sort of demanding applications where the DA units are likely to be used, long term reliable performance is vital and often downtime has to be kept to a minimum. To meet these requirements, the actuators can have a complete lubrication change in situ, a process that usually takes less than 30 minutes. The service engineer simply opens two bypass valves and connects the actuator to a special Diakont service kit; the old lubrication is pumped out and replaced with new lubrication by cycling the actuator. There is no need to dismount the actuator from its mounting.

This simple maintenance routine makes the Diakont DA series actuators highly attractive for for applications where downtime has to be kept to a minimum, where the working environment is so demanding that complicated procedures become very difficult.

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