Manifold to monitor and control electrolyte flow

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has supplied specially designed manifolds and a number of sensors and valves to Doncasters Paralloy to control the delivery of liquid electrolyte to two electro-chemical machining (ECM) units that are used to machine internal bore profiles in cast nickel alloy furnace tubes produced at the company plant at Billingham, in the NE of England.
Doncasters Paralloy, part of the Doncasters Group of Companies, manufactures and fabricates centrifugally spun cast alloy tube assemblies for ethylene and reformer furnaces, using a patented profiling process that was developed by the company two years ago.The pre-mixed electrolyte, which passes through the furnace tubes as part of the machining process, is stored in a tank in the chemical area of the plant. The computer controlled distribution system, which was designed by Doncasters Paralloy, uses special Burkert-designed manifolds and a combination of Burkert sensors and proportional valves to help monitor and maintain flow, temperature, level, pressure, pH and conductivity.
The installation used products from almost every Burkert fluid control range, including ultrasonic level transmitters and magmeters, stainless steel and plastic manifolds, digital pH controllers and transmitters, flow, pressure and temperature sensors and switches, globe control valves, pressure gauges, diaphragm and solenoid valves, top control valves, and flow controllers housed in a custom-built cabinet.

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