Metal-seated valve

Hemiwedge Valve Corp. has introduced the Hemiwedge® Cartridge valve with a revolutionary mechanical-seal design for critical service applications. The patented valve utilizes aspects of ball valves, gate valves, and even triple-offset butterfly valves to protect the sealing surface during valve operation. A tapered hemispherical closure member (the hemi) rotates around a fixed core and wedges into a fixed seat to affect a mechanical seal. The closure member is rotated a quarter-turn by a valve stem which may be operated manually with a wrench or gear operator or automatically with a pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuator. The Valve features a constant fixed core within the body to provide protection of the seating surfaces when the valve is opened, as well as minimizing turbulence as the valve is either opened or closed. This constant fixed core directs the fluid through the valve and not at the seats during the opening and closing of the valve. The most recent addition to the line is an all-metal seat design that provides valve closure tightness to ISO 5208:2008 Rate B. The Hemiwedge Cartridge Valve’s defining feature is its “cartridge design” whereby all the valve’s internal parts (core, hemi, seat, stem, bushings) are affixed to the bonnet and may be removed by unbolting the bonnet fasteners and lifting the cartridge from the valve body.
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