Neway stocks valves at NVE warehouse

Neway has decided to start stocking valves at its Neway Valve Europe B.V. (NVE) warehouse in Zuidland, The Netherlands in order to be of better service to the Neway distributors in Europe. Neway will start with a targeted range of forged steel valves, in carbon- and stainless steel ranging from 1/2in up to 1 1/2in and pressure classes 150# to 1500#, with integral flanges and threaded / socket weld ends. These valves are primarily intended as a Master Distributor stock for the distribution network. With several Neway distributors NVE has agreed on structures for this master distribution system. As part of its 360 Degree Support and Service program which Neway announced in 2007, the stock at NVE will be available after the 2008 summer holiday season.
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