Mini shuttle valve

A miniature, cartridge style shuttle valve, which is designed to install into a drilled hole and eliminates the need for threads, o-rings or in-house designs, is the latest addition to the Lee Products range of miniature components. This Lee IMH shuttle valve features a compact, non-dentented, selective design that is 5.5mm in diameter, 12.2mm long and weighs less than 1.4 grams. They are constructed entirely from stainless steel and are 100% performance tested for flow and leakage to ensure consistent, long-term performance at maximum working pressures up to 28Mpa. Installation is achieved by inserting the shuttle valve into a drilled hole, then driving the expansion pin into the valve body to seal and lock the valve in-place. Lee IMH shuttle valves are suitable as a signal device for auxiliary functions, such as hydraulically released, spring applied brakes and load sensing, or wherever effective hydraulic isolation is required across a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.
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