MobileTrack makes viewing valve data quick & easy

The new MobileTrack™ technology from Total Valve Systems puts a valve’s service history at the customers’ fingertips. It’s quick, convenient, and it works anywhere a mobile device does. By scanning the QR code on a valve, Total Valve customers can instantly review comprehensive service and performance data using their phone or tablet. 
The company’s Total Valve Live™ system maintains real-time monitoring and reliability reports on every valve it sells or services. Previously, valve data was accessible only by logging into the Total Valve Live™ website and selecting a specific valve.
With MobileTrack™, users can now use a phone or tablet to scan the QR code on a valve and immediately see data on that valve. Valve service history and valve reliability report available through MobileTrack™ encompass both repair and process information collected on a valve. These reports drive reliability excellence through improvements to valve maintenance, process operations, and technical history.
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