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Article by Lucien Joppen

TVE provides high-temperature, high-pressure valves for its main markets in energy infrastructure, including not only nuclear power plants but also thermal power plants and more. “However, our conventional main market is entering a new phase. The rapid growth of sustainable energy and stricter environmental regulations have had adverse effects on coal-fired thermal power, which is inefficient and emits large amounts of CO2.” TVE says it must now face an unprecedented business environment, and it has started activities leveraging its ‘advanced technology’. This technology is related to high-temperature, high-pressure valves that TVE has developed for energy infrastructure.  To achieve this goal, TVE has engaged in the three themes: a structural reform of its management (“New Change”), deepening its three existing businesses (“New Challenge”) and “undertaking the challenge for new fields (“New Chance”)”.
Structural reform
“We are working on “structural reform to our management base” to improve our corporate value”, the company states. “One of those corporate strategies, the TAMES Project (an abbreviation of “TOA Management Evolving System”), is a crossorganizational effort for advancing our management and improving management efficiency.  By doing so, we want to improve the productivity of all of our business activities. Specifically, it aims for the following effects: streamlining sales operations, improving the design quality, timely procurement, improving manufacturing productivity, and improving maintenance technology. Through this, we will create value for customers through quality, cost, delivery times and service.”
Enhance engineering capability
“About “deepening our three existing businesses”, we will make efforts to increase sales by deepening our three core businesses, namely, our valve business, maintenance and steelmaking which support our business base. In our valve and maintenance businesses, we will further enhance our engineering capability and on-site experience as we vigorously promote expanding sales for new plants as well as expanding our maintenance field. In the steelmaking business, we will shift towards a high added-value business through efforts to develop new technology and new manufacturing methods. We will strengthen our global competitiveness by extensive cost reduction through productivity improvement.”
Concerning the challenges for new business, refined metal is a business that primarily recycles clearable scrap metal generated from nuclear power facilities and power plants, putting waste products from nuclear power plant decommissioning work back into a plant or back into society. “It works towards forming a recycling-based, low-carbon society.”
One-stop service
“In our overseas business strategy, we are serving our “Valve Life Cycle Management” structure, which carries out one-stop service for valves, from development and manufacturing to sales and maintenance from Singapore as a hub. We aim not only to expand orders in the ASEAN market but also to expand our efforts to establish a new hub.”
“Regarding the utilization of digital technology, we have established a dedicated website specialized in valve-related information, achieving a new business utilizing the web as well as providing service fusing online and offline aspects.”
Since the capital and business alliance concluded in 2016 with KITZ Corporation, TVE says it has strengthened its partnership and is striving to expand its business opportunities with new products through joint technology development.

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