Nether Seal receives Aramco

By the end of 2006, Nether Seal applied to be qualified by Saudi Aramco for the supply of rising stem ball valves and dual expanding double block and bleed plug valves. The first part of the audit for qualification (technical and design review) has been performed by the Aramco engineering department of the Saudi head office. The second part of the audit (plant evaluation) has been performed by the inspection department of Aramco Overseas Co. (AOC) Leiden office. This audit included a full review of the Nether Seal QA-QC system. The Nether Seal QA-QC system is based on ISO 9001 and certified by Lloyd’s. After the “Quality System Approved” status the final approval was officially confirmed by AOC/Saudi Aramco on 20 April 2009. The Nether Seal Manufacturing Plant is approved for the following 9COMs: 6000000245, valve ball; flanged or buttweld end conn, style top entry, rising stem, single seated, single, soft or metal seated seat, 04-samss-035, 04 samss-048, orbit design or equal, with or without actuator; and 6000000307, valve plug; expanding type, 04-samss-041, 04-samss-035 04, with or without actuator.
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