New DOG-6 oscillation flow meter from KOBOLD

Precision gas measurement is essential for applications found in biogas plants, sewage treatment plants, and in applications utilizing hydrogen. For decades, KOBOLD has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of industrial instrumentation that delivers both ideal solutions and customer satisfaction. The unique oscillation flow meter technology offers an ideal and more economical solution than other principles of measurement for certain applications and has now been expanded to a new DOG-6 model that opens the door to an even wider range of applications, especially for wet gases.

While the popular DOG-4 is suitable for use with dry gases, the new DOG-6 oscillation flow meter can accurately measure both dry and wet gases. A special design alteration on the new DOG-6 offers clear advantages for use with damp media as it offers natural, gravity-induced condensate drainage. The DOG-6 also offers an optional shut-off valve, calibration software, and a flow computer. It can also be custom-made to user specifications, opening the door even wider to fields of application.

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