New flange adapter

New UltraGrip flange adapters from Viking Johnson’s Hungarian distributor Kristaly were used for connecting valves and sections of pipe during modification of the main, in the city of Pecs in the Southern Transdanubia region of Hungary. The “anti-pullout” gripping mechanism, which holds the pipe more firmly as pressure increases, works on almost every combination of pipe materials. UltraGrip can also accommodate differences in diameter of up to 44mm and, if the grippers are removed, allows for as much as eight degrees of angularity between pipes. This flexibility means that pipes of different materials and diameters can often be joined by a single UltraGrip coupling. As well as flange adapters the UltraGrip range includes couplings and end caps, and was recently expanded with the addition of reducing couplings and pecatadapters.

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