New ISA committee to focus on EDDL

ISA has announced the formation of a new Standard Committee, the ISA SP104 committee, to focus on EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language). This ISA committee will focus on developing a standard to help accelerate the implementation and widespread uses of fieldbus devices throughout industry. The committee will be formed to create a standard that adopts the generic language specified by IEC 61804 to describe the properties of automation system components. The specified language is capable of describing device parameters and their dependencies, device functions, graphical representations, and interactions with control devices. The language, EDDL, is used to create an Electronic Device Description (EDD) file. These files may be used with appropriate tools to support parameter handling, operation, and monitoring of automation system components. The applications of EDDL may include devices such as generic digital and analogue input/output modules, motion controllers, human machine interfaces, transmitters, on-off and regulating valves, closed-loop controllers, encoders, hydraulic valves, and programmable controllers.

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