New Pulstronic proportional valve

Asco Joucomatic’s new Pulstronic proportional valve is suitable for pressure control applications requiring a constant flow, including turbine speed control, glue and lacquer dosing, pressure control of welding equipment, and flow control over nozzles. The Pulstronic is a self-contained, electro-pneumatic proportional valve with an integrated control loop that provides precise regulation of pressure. The IP65-rated unit comes in four versions – the DN4 with G1/8 ports, the DN7 with G1/4, the DN12 with G1/2 and the DN05 with instant fittings to accept 4mm flexible hose. The last on the list is adapted for piloting pneumatically operated valves or boosters. All the valves operate with analogue set points of 0-10V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA, and offer operational security in the form of a pressure held at power failure function. Applications include compensation of thickness on pinch rollers, spot welding, turbo-supercharging and materials testing.

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