New Type 8697 pneumatic control unit from Bürkert

The Bürkert Type 8697 pneumatic control unit or position feedback is designed for integrated mounting on process valves of the ELEMENT and CLASSIC series. The devices are available in three versions: as a pneumatic control unit or position feedback for ELEMENT valves with drive size 50, as a control unit for CLASSIC valves with drive size 40/50/63 or as a position feedback, also for the CLASSIC series with drive size 40–225. When used as a control unit in combination with ELEMENT or CLASSIC valves, the Type 8697 enables complete decentral automation for small drives. As a position indicator, it replaces Type 1062 and features additional functions such as LEDs for indicating the device status.

The basic features of the Type 8697 include mechanical self-adjusting valve position switches as 2- and 3-wire inductive or micro switches. When used as a pneumatic control unit, the 3/2-way pilot valve with manual actuation is also integrated, eliminating the need for a control cabinet with hoses leading to the respective valve.

Combination of the Type 8697 with a process valve of the ELEMENT series results in an EHEDG-compliant valve system with high-level IP protection and integrated control air supply with spring chamber ventilation, which is ideal for cleaning-intensive and wet applications.

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