New Y filter model 191

VYC Industrial always looks at improving its products and customers’ experience as a priority. The company works day by day to develop and strengthen its innovation channels. In this way, it has further expanded its range of check valves and filters with the new Y filter Model 191.

The Y filter enables the filtration and accumulation of suspended solid particles, dragged by fluids, for their subsequent removal. In this way, it protects water control and regulation equipment underneath the filter and prevents collateral damage.

It works with: Steam; Hot and superheated water; Thermal oil; Process water; Gases; Glycol; Compressed air; Neutral fluids; and others.

The applications are: Processing industry; Shipbuilding; Air conditioning systems; Thermal oil installations; Vacuum installations; and others.

The technical specifications include: Designed to be environmentally friendly; Materials carefully selected for their resistance to wear, temperature and corrosion; Filter free from silicones and asbestos; Simple construction; Assembly vertically downwards or horizontally with the cover on the lower section. Easy installation; Interior design of the body is designed to provide a favourable flow profile. This guarantees a very low-pressure loss; Long life cycle with high operating efficiency; Threaded cap that facilitates drainage, maintenance, and cleaning of the strainer. Practically maintenance-free; Mantenimiento prácticamente nulo; Each one of the filters is rigorously tested and checked; and All of the components are numbered, registered, and controlled.

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