Non-reclosing pressure relief valve from Total Valve

Total Valve Systems introduced its new model 6820 TRV, the first non-reclosing pressure relief valve that can be reset in seconds from the field or remotely. Related product model 6220 is a shutdown version that shuts off when the valve reaches the set pressure or is triggered remotely.

The multi-year project by Total Valve’s engineering department used the latest valve design technologies to develop the Total Relief Valve (TRV) module, considered the ‘brain’ of the system. The proprietary TRV system includes the TRV module, actuator and isolation valve, making it a reliable and accurate high flow capacity relief valve or shutdown device to help prevent downtime and catastrophic accidents.

No external power is required for 6820 TRV operation and its performance is not impacted by system backpressure. Module operation allows for complete control of valve set pressures at +/-2 percent. Key options for dual sensing lines and fluid media filters provide system reliability. The system is ideal for gas service where dirt, hydrates and high moisture levels occur in the fluid media. The device is a full-face design with pipe flange bolting for lug, wafer and short pattern configurations. Flange ratings are 150, 300 and 600. Set pressures are from 3psi–1500psi.

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