Packing sets keep valves environmentally clean

A range of high performance control packings, designed to achieve long-term low emission performance from high cycling, fire-safe control valves, is now available from Garlock (UK). Using graphite based die-formed rings, the CVP 9005 range of packings provides reliable sealing with the additional benefit of low actuation friction. Using Garlock’s die-formed “cup and cone” compression system for maintaining constant seal contact, CVP 9005 packings provide “through life-time” high-effiency sealing. Sandwiching the high expansion graphite sealing elements of the packing set are high-density top and bottom lateral supports to reduce stem movement common in this type of valve. To prevent damaging graphite build-up on the valve stem, common in high cycling valves typically with movements of less than 10% of maximum, wiper rings are positioned between each seal element. The graphite content enables the packings to meet the two extremes of cryogenic and reducing or steam applications. The CVP 9005 range will operate at temperatures from –200 to +455C in atmosphere and up to 650C in steam.

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