Redline’s wireless solution in Middle East

Redline Communications Group, a provider of mission-critical wireless networks for the oil and gas industry, received a contract worth more than USD 2M for a wireless network that will allow real-time monitoring and automation of a nation-wide natural gas distribution system in the Middle East.

The customer, which provides natural gas to power plants and other industries, plans to replace a decades-old wireless system to connect valve and metering stations that it currently uses. Redline will design and implement a new wireless network to connect the customer’s distribution points as well as its valve and metering stations through which it distributes gas to various industrial power generation customers. The Redline network will replace the existing UHF-based network. Data from the remote stations will be sent wirelessly by a variety of remote terminal units (RTUs) to multiple SCADA host systems, and in the future, the network will also support the use of corporate business services. In addition to network hardware and software, Redline will also provide a range of technical services, including radio frequency planning, network architecture development, network design and engineering. The network is expected to be fully operational by the first quarter of 2016.

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