SIPOS develops data sources

An extensive application data sheet resource has been developed by SIPOS Aktorik. Designed to provide at-a-glance summaries of installations and technologies for the company’s electric actuators, the literature covers wide ranging case-study examples including ‘Avoiding Water Hammer’ (Carrum Ultrafiltration Plant), ‘Penstock Solar’ (ExxonMobil) and ‘Integrated Actuation’ (Callide B Power Station).

Having proven highly popular in Europe and Australia, the electric actuator manufacturer has produced a set of US branded data-sheets to support the American market. Topics selected for the US portfolio of data sheets include ‘Precision Control’, ‘Linear Flow Control’ and ‘Flood Defence’.

SIPOS reports that the appeal of its single-sheet summaries comes from their easy-on-the-eye design and concise copy. The data sheet content details applications and design challenges. Supporting technical data is incorporated including a function profile. Images to illustrate the case-study are also provided.

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