Sanyata expands: switchboxes and control stations

Sanyata Actuation and Fluid Engineering (S.A.F.E.), has launched two new and exciting products. The SAFEBox series of limit switch boxes are available in IP68 and ATEX versions. These switch boxes are available with a variety of switches from different brands and have a split shaft design which allows for easy wiring onsite. The special sealing arrangement for the circular housing is designed to retain enclosure integrity even when opened and closed repeatedly. 
The SAFELocal Control station offers a versatile and cost-effective means to provide local control and emergency access to pumps, actuators, and other devices at key process locations in your plant. It offers 5 relays and a total of 51 terminals of which 24 are available for customer use in a fully configured box. The local/remote/stop knob can be securely locked in any desired position. All terminals offer one to one connectivity. E-stop, local open/close and 4 indicators are standard. Also, ATEX and IP68 certified, this box offers the most compact arrangement to support your safety arrangement including interlocks with other process equipment.
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