Sierra wins award

Sierra has announced that its Innova-Sonic® Model 206 In-line ultrasonic flowmeter has been honored with Flow Control Magazine’s readers vote for the most innovative ultrasonic flowmeter in 2008. Voters chose Sierra’s Innova-Sonic® Model 206 In-Line based on its features and accuracy including reduced upstream/downstream piping requirements; the ability to measure down to zero flow with Innova-Sonic® and reduce leaks; no moving parts, no expensive repairs or replacements, and a variety of outputs (4-20mA DC analog output and RS 232). The Innova-Sonic® features advanced PicoFly™ measurement technology, representing an order-of-magnitude improvement in transit-time measurement technology. This technology allows the ultrasonic transit time to be measured in picoseconds 10-12 (one trillionth of a second). In addition, Innova-Sonic® In-Line is designed primarily as an alternative for magnetic flowmeter applications.
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