Slim Pump Safety Valve awarded API 14A certification

Pragma’s Slim Pump Safety Valve has received API 14A certification after completing independent testing in the US. The valve is designed to be retrofitted through-tubing as part of a slimline ESP installation but can also be used as an independent qualified sub-surface safety valve and in support of other artificial lift systems. 
The technology operates independently of existing well components and uses no pressurised chambers, hydraulic control lines, or electrical power, ensuring fit-for-purpose reliability.
The valve sits below the pump and is actuated by pressure differentials so it will fail-safe close when the ESP is switched off, and uplift pressure from above is low and will open again when the ESP is pumping. It can be opened and closed as many times as required and provides an effective well barrier, being unaffected by lower well pressure.
The valve’s unique bi-directional design allows pressure testing once it has been deployed. It also acts as a fluid loss valve, protecting the formation, protecting the ESP from backspin, and maintaining the fluid column.
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