Furon fluid handling solutions for Microelectronics

The Fluid Handling Solutions for Microelectronics Catalog is an essential resource for Saint-Gobain’s electronics manufacturing capabilities and expertise, high purity product offerings, and ordering information. 
Featuring the Furon® and Versilon™ lines of fluoropolymer-based fluid handling components, the electronics product portfolio includes pumps, valves, fittings, accessories such as pressure regulators, and static mixers, high-purity piping, and high-purity tubing with simple or complex shapes such as convoluted or corrugated.
Saint-Gobain’s manufacturing capabilities include extrusion, compression, and injection, isostatic and endothermic molding for a wide range of polymers ranging from commodity grade resins to highly engineered polymers and fluoropolymers. That the extensive process knowledge coupled with assembly in a state-of-the-art, build-clean environment and premium raw material ensures our products meet or exceed the most stringent cleanliness requirements of the semiconductor industry.
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