Spence certification for relief valve

Spence Engineering Company Inc. (Walden, New York) has announced PED certification for its Figure 710 Safety Relief Valve. The Figure 710 is considered ideal for cryogenic service and where noxious or expensive liquids or gases demand a premium seal. It features a Teflon® seat for API 527 spec bubble-tight seals at over 90% of set pressure. In addition to PED certification, the Figure 710 meets ASME Code Section VIII and is TÜV certified. All Figure 710 Safety Valves are O2 cleaned for oxygen service in compliance with CGA specification G-4.1. The Figure 710 features a bronze body in sizes 1/2″ to 2″ and is suitable for pressures to 400 psig and temperatures from cryogenic to 400°F.

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