Stop flames and prevent explosions

The risk of fire and explosion in complex closed tank farms and pipeline systems is effectively defused using flame arresters. The ATEX-certified deflagration and detonation arresters made by the Düsseldorf specialists for industrial safety valves Bormann & Neupert reliably prevent flame fronts from spreading in a worst case scenario.
“Our deflagration and detonation arresters directly cool ignited atmospheres to a temperature below the combustion point”, explained Maria Quast, technical manager at Bormann & Neupert. The safety valves thus form an impregnable, bi-directional barrier for flames and explosions, independent of their propagation velocity.
The engineering consultants offer those responsible for plant safety and process optimisation a tailor-made design no matter what: application-specific standard versions of the deflagration and detonation arresters are available for operating temperatures of up to 200 °C and working pressures of up to 2 bar. Special versions for more extreme operating conditions, higher pressures and operating temperatures are also available.
The Bormann & Neupert range of products in the area of tank protection valves cover almost all applications in which potentially explosive atmosphere of explosion groups I to IIC can exist. They are available as end of line and inline applications in standard sizes DN 25 to DN 600 Furthermore, all passive components are extremely low maintenance.
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